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Why Acrylic sheet?

Very easy to use
Acrylic is 17x stronger than glass
Very budget friendly
Acrylic sheets are clearer than glass and actually transmit more light than glass
Acrylic is heat resistant up to 70 degrees
It is suitable for outdoor use
Acrylic shhets can be used for bathroom, shower splash backs and bath panels.

What is Perspex?

Perspex is a brand that makes Acrylic sheets
Plexiglass is also a trade name for Acrylic.

How is Acrylic / Perspex used?

Plaskolite acrylic sheet is often chosen for its durability, impact strength and color and pattern possibilities. If you take a minute to look around you, you will find acrylic sheet everywhere. The versatile nature of Perspex® acrylic allows it to be used all around the interior and exterior of the house. For example: Doors, Windows, Patio roofing, Bathrooms, Canopies, Kitchen cupboard doors and splash backs and so on.

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Cut to Size Acrylic/Perspex
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Cut To Size Solid Polycarbonate
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Cut To Size Coloured/Frosted Acrylic/Perspex
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Cut To Size Clear Anti Glare Anti Reflectve Acrylic
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Cut To Size Clear UV Petg Sheet
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Plastic Sheeting
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Acrylic Circles/Discs Clear & Mirrored
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Acrylic Magnetic Photo Block
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PVC Cladding/Hygeine Boards
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Polycarbonate Sheets
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Polycarbonate Bars & Accessories
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Exitex - Capex & Cresfinex
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Sunwood Timber Glazing System
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Complete Roof Kits
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Cut To Size Mirrored Acrylic & Colours
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Fascia's & Soffits
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Multipanel Wet Wall Bathroom Cladding
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Floplast Rainwater, Guttering
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Evolution Canopy System
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Carports & Canopies
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Polycarbonate Sky Light Roof Vent
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Interior Products Window Cills
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Architraves & Trims
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Conservatory Roof Cut to Size Glass Panels
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Silicones & Accessories
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Roofing Tiles And Accessories
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Double Glazing Kits
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Aluminium Composite Sign Sheets
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Roof In A Box
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Ultralite 500
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UPVC Plastics White & Colours
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Caravan Double Glazing & Accessories
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Cut To Size Shapes Acrylic/Perspex
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Timber Log Cabins Mobile Homes
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If you need any help at all, please don't hesitate in contacting us. Our experts are here to help and advice. Please call us on 01482 947 901 or email send us an email.

We also have a price promise - we will not be beaten on price.

If you live close to Hull why not come and see us in person. You can find out where we are on the contact page.

Who are we and what are we about?

Acrylic Online started out as small as possible, basically an office and a small space for holding minimal levels of stock. The companies trading was mainly internet sales, with hardly any trade or retail sales. As time went on we decided to try and get some of the local trade, with that in mind we needed bigger premises to hold enough stock to meet the requirements of the trade. We also set up an accounts office at this point to keep a track of money and make sure everything is running smoothly with the expansion taking place. This worked very well, but we soon outgrew the warehouse, so yet again Acrylic Online had to move. We found a great retail premises just around the corner which is visible from the area’s large supermarket ASDA. This was an ideal spot to attract the retail customers and is also on the same road as some of our local competition which is also healthy business.

Where we are now?

We have two branches within the Hull area, servicing both sides of the city. Very experienced staff runs them both and have all been within the industry for many years. Our current website went live January 2010. We upgraded from our original website to try and make the navigation and order processing easier for the customer. We are always looking at new and innovative ideas to help the customer make the choice of purchasing from us rather than one of our competitors. The ‘Cut-To-Size Shapes’ program on our website enables the customer to order a specific shape cut to specific sizes which no other website at the minute can offer.

Delivery Will Be 2 - 7 Working Days from point of order. If it has not received been by this time, please contact us for an update. Remember, When receiving your order you must check the goods before signing the delivery note. If there is any sign of damages you must sign and note DAMAGED. This is because you are paying for a service that is insured but you cannot make a claim for a replacement or refund if you have not stated DAMAGED

Acrylic Online Limited operate a full and fair returns policy. Your rights to return goods are protected under the EU Distance Selling Directive

The people involved with starting the company had been involved in the plastics industry for many years and had gained a lot of knowledge and experience. It is very much a ‘family based’ company, and the majority of staff are friends, family or former work colleagues. We are not a large corporate business, and we aim to provide a top quality service to our customers in a friendly manner.

Cut to Size Acrylic Cut to Size Solid Polycarbonate
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