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Pvc Corrugated Plastic Sheets

PALRUF PVC corrugated plastic sheets (corrugated roofing) are uniform throughout and exhibit outstanding resistance to a broad range of chemicals, extreme weather conditions and physical abuse while remaining corrosion free. Due to these exceptional properties, PALRUF sheets are a perfect solution for roofing, siding or cladding in industry, construction and agriculture.

- corrugated roofing
- corrugated plastic
- corrugated pvc


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Corrugated Pvc Lightweight Sheet - Clear
Heavyweight - Clear
Superweight - Clear
Greca 70 Clear
Greca 70 Translucent
Mini 32 Clear
Mini 32 Translucent
Big 6 Clear
Flashing Unit
PVC Ridge For 3
Pack Of 10 Fixings For Corrugated Sheeting
Draught Proofing
Self Adhesive Flashing Tape
150mmx 3m Lead Roll/Flashing - Code 4
150mm x 6m Lead Roll/Flashing - Code 4
240mm x 3m Lead Roll/Flashing - Code 4
240mm x 6m Lead Roll/Flashing - Code 4
Cut to Size Acrylic Cut to Size Solid Polycarbonate
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