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Coloured Acrylic

Here at Acrylic Online we have an extensive selection of coloured acrylic available to purchase. We are a company who have had a long and extensive history of working in the plastics industry long before we started this specialist company.

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Our years of history working in the industry have given us insider knowledge and an edge to the business. We are very much a “family” styled business. Our company is mainly operated by close friends and family and former colleagues of the plastics industry.

The coloured acrylic plastics and sheets we supply are often used for Interior displays, models, partitions, wall cladding, budget greenhouse glazing, gardening DIY, furniture signs and points of sale displays and signage.

Our coloured acrylic is utilized to create exceptional looking corporate identities for brand leaders all over the UK. Our Acrylic sheet colour range is more or less limitless. We have more than 80 standard acrylic colours readily available whilst we can make up custom unique acrylic colours to order. Our coloured acrylic plastics and sheets are available in opaque (solid) as well as translucent (tinted acrylic).

We also offer the coloured acrylic in varying standard set sizes. We do have the capacity to create any custom size the customer may desire, our coloured acrylic can be cut and shaped easily to fashion many unique pieces. Our vibrant range of in stock colours is vast, customer service and high quality coloured acrylic what we can provide.  Our coloured acrylic is easily worked on with hand tools, the possibilities are really endless.

We offer hard wearing finishes and standard matte or high gloss finishes, dependent on the colour acrylic option you choose. The coloured acrylic is non toxic and easy to clean. The acrylic can easily be vacuum formed, bonded and shaped.  The coloured acrylic is resistant to weathering and fading. The acrylic also offers excellent light properties, better transmissions than glass. The aesthetic properties are easily worked on with conventional tools and prints.

Our extensive custom cutting service is easy to use. You can buy our coloured acrylic sheets online via our cut to size service. Simply click on cut to size acrylic, choose your thickness, and enter your measurements and dimensions. It will then show you the full price based on square metre measurements. You will only pay for exactly what you order, not the full sized sheets ensuring no waste costs. Our competitive pricing and friendly helpful customer service puts us well ahead of the competition.

If you have any enquires regarding our coloured acrylics then please do feel free to contact us. You can call us direct with any question or concerns, also our provided email contact form is there for you to fill out and we aim to get back to you as soon as possible.

Cut to Size Acrylic Cut to Size Solid Polycarbonate
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