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Cut to Size AcrylicCut to Size Solid Polycarbonate

Correx Board

When searching for correx board then you will have to visit Acrylic Online. We have a great choice of correx board that will be suitable for your building needs. With a great choice of styles including thickness as well as the option to choose a size that suits you and your own individual needs.

Acrylic Online is a part of Liv Supplies. We are a family run business and we offer a great personal business relationship with each of our customers. Started as a small business based in a small office with a small warehouse. Our sales would mainly come from customers online but with growing demand we decided to expand our business and offer our supplies to trade and retail customers too.

Expanding our business meant we had to move to a bigger office that could accommodate our increase in sales. We now operate from two locations based in the heart of Hull, we can offer our supplies to both online and offline customers. With our bigger warehouse it means we can hold a greater number of materials which means when you want your materials you can have them.

Still a small business by heart we offer our customers total respect and because we are a small business it means our over heads remain manageable and so we can pass our savings on to you. Unlike other corporate businesses where their customers become just another number with Acrylic online, Liv Supplies, you become a valued customer. We want to offer you great prices and with our great customer service we are sure you will not be disappointed when shopping with us.

When you search for correx board, also known as polypropylene, then you must visit Acrylic Online. We have a great selection with various thicknesses and with our cut to size service it means you no longer have to pay for waste. Most other businesses charge set prices for correx board they sell. Having to buy set sizes can often mean you have waste left over which is a waste of money, with our cut to size service it means you only ever pay for the material you need.

Our correx board can be used on a whole number of different building projects; it is strong and with very little negative effects like not holding moisture, non friction base and can resist attack from most chemicals means it’s a great material for you to use.

Whether you’re after correx board, acrylic plastics or aluminium sheeting then Acrylic Online can help. With our trained and experienced team if you have any questions please contact us because we will be happy to help.

Cut to Size Acrylic Cut to Size Solid Polycarbonate
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