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Cut to Size AcrylicCut to Size Solid Polycarbonate

If you are looking for Plexiglas UK then look no further here at Acrylic Online we have a great selection of Plexiglas available to you in all different shapes and sizes.

Cut-to-Size Clear Acrylic

Cut-to-Size Colour Acrylic

Cut-to-Size Solid Polycarbonate

We cut and shape the Plexiglas UK to the customer’s specification so you can guarantee that you get what you want from us without no problems or hesitation.

Plexiglas UK has many uses around and is often used instead of glass because it has a shatter proof quality although it is less fireproof then glass.

Plexiglas has also been used for signs making letters and other small details stand out on a sign usually between 3-25 mm thick it is light weight and easily cut using hand tools or a laser which is more commonly used now.

acrylic online Ltd started out as small as possible, basically an office and a small space for holding minimal levels of stock. The companies trading were mainly internet sales, with hardly any trade or retail sales.

As time went on we decided to try and get some of the local trade, with that in mind we needed bigger premises to hold enough stock to meet the requirements of the trade. We also set up an accounts office at this point to keep a track of money and make sure everything is running smoothly with the expansion taking place.

This worked very well, but we soon outgrew the warehouse, so yet again acrylic online had to move. We found a great retail premises just around the corner which is visible from the area’s large supermarket ASDA. This was an ideal spot to attract the retail customers and is also on the same road as some of our local competition which is also healthy business.

Cut to Size Acrylic Cut to Size Solid Polycarbonate
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