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Acrylic online have a variety of Plexiglass Sheets available in a wide ranging selection of colours. We are a long operating company who first began its extensive history by operating in the plastics industry for many years. Our rich, diverse and broad past with working in the plastics industry before we started Acrylic Online allowed us to gain a large amount of knowledge on working with the many materials including our extensive range of Plexiglass Sheets.

Plexiglass Sheets

Our many years working within that industry has led us to acquire a vast amount of insider information and this provides us a certain edge on our competitors, we also offer things others cannot, including; our various pricing cuts and cost saving methods such as "no waste cost" cut to custom order Plexiglass Sheets coupled with our high quality level of personalised customer service. As we are very much a self styled "family type" business, our company is operated by a small employee base consisting of close friends, family and former colleagues that we worked with in the plastics industry.

Our selective but vast range of quality Plexiglass sheeting has been utilised as an industry standard since it was first introduced well over 75 years ago because of its unsurpassed premium quality, ease of use, and its ability to be crafted using a range of various colours, patterns, widths and lengths. The Plexiglass Sheets we supply are often used by companies as a point of display, interior displays applications, used for creating partitions, wall cladding, points of sale displays and signage. The Plexiglass sheeting is often utilised to create outstanding corporate identities for brand leaders all over the UK, we also supply many various independent companies. With all types of applications, the possibilities are quite endless.

The types of finishes we can offer with Plexiglass sheeting are numerous, we have standard matte and high gloss, and both have their qualities. Firstly the Plexiglass sheeting with standard matte can be vacuum bonded and shaped to many various applications. Its resistant to weathering and fading and as a point of sale display the Plexiglass sheeting offers superb levels of light transfer. With better light transmissions than glass they can create a striking balance of colours when utilised with a light source.

Our extensive custom fir cut service is extremely simple to utilise. You may buy our Plexiglass sheeting online via our cut to size service which offers no waste cost tendencies. Simply click on cut to size Plexiglass sheeting and select your required measurements, dimensions and colour requirement. We will then reveal the price to you based on square metre measurements. You only ever pay for the amount you require, not full sized Plexiglass sheeting (unless required) our level and standard of competitive pricing couple with our educated customer service puts us leaps and bounds ahead of our competition.

If you have any enquires regarding our Plexiglass sheeting then we do encourage you to contact us. You can call us direct with any enquiries or utilise the provided email contact form. We look forward to hearing from you with regard to a purchase of Plexiglass sheeting.

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