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Polypropylene Board

If you are looking for polypropylene board then look no further here at Liv supplies we have a great selection available to you. All of our polypropylene boards are cut to specification and are usually held in place by plastic drive rivets.

Polypropylene board is a very strong and durable plastic meaning that there is little damage you can be worried about specifically coming from the environment which causes more accidental damage than anything else. This makes it very good to use in some extreme environments. For example it can withstand temperature change down to minus forty degrees as there is very little expansion or contraction depending on the weather.

It can resist attack from near enough all chemicals without losing any of its durability. Being able to cope with high temperatures means that it is capable of dealing with being steam cleaned on a daily basis.

Polypropylene Board

A sturdy fluted plastic extruded material that is very durable in outdoor applications. Correx also known of polypropylene fluted boards is favored by industries for its lightweight structure and competitive pr ices.

Polypropylene board is designed to be durable and generally has a long lasting life span which means that it is reliable for any job in any extremes of weather. Here at Liv supplies we cut the board to your specification so we can guarantee that our board will fit perfectly for what you need.

We are always looking at new and innovative ideas to help the customer make the choice of purchasing from us rather than one of our competitors. The ’Cut-To-Size Shapes’ program on our website enables the customer to order a specific shape cut to specific sizes which no other website at the minute can offer.

Cut to Size Acrylic Cut to Size Solid Polycarbonate
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