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Floplast Miniflo 76/50mm Guttering

Floplast Miniflo 76/50mm Guttering products

System Features * For use on small roof areas, such as Sheds, Conservatories, Greenhouses and Carports. * 76mm Gutter and Fittings with 50mm Downpipe and fittings. * Single fix Gutter/Downpipe bracket

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(RGM2) 2 Metre Gutter 76mm Miniflo

(RKM1) Fascia Gutter Bracket Miniflo

(RUM1) Gutter Union Miniflo

(RPM2) 2 Metre Downpipe 50mm Miniflo

(RCM1) Downpipe Clip 50mm Miniflo

(RAM1) 90 Dergee Angle 76mm Miniflo

(ROM1) Running Outlet 76mm Miniflo

(RBM2) 112.5 Offset Bend 50mm Miniflo

(RSM1) Downpipe Socket 50mm Miniflo

(REM1) External Stopend 76mm Miniflo

(ROM2) Stopend Outlet 76mm Miniflo

(RBM3) Downpipe Shoe 50mm Miniflo

Cut to Size Acrylic Cut to Size Solid Polycarbonate
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