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Floplast Half Round Guttering

Floplast Half Round Guttering products

Half-round guttering is widely used it is ideal for residential homes at liv supplies we have a everything you need to complete your project.

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(RG4) 4 Metre Gutter

(RK1) Gutter Fascia Bracket

(RY1) 67.5 Degree Downpipe Branch

Eaves Protection - 1.5 Metre Lengths

(RA3) 50-156 Degree
Adjustable Angle

(RA1) 90 Degree Gutter Bend

(RA2) 135 Degree Gutter Bend

(RU1) Gutter Union / Joint

(RO1) Running Outlet

(RO2) Stop End Outlet

(RE2) Internal Stop End

(RE1) External Stop End

(RB1) 92.5 Degree Offset Bend

(RB2) 112.5 Degree Offset Bend

(RP2.5) 2.5 Metre Downpipe

(RP4) 4 Metre Downpipe

(RP5.5) 5.5 Metre Downpipe

(RS1) Downpipe Adaptor

(RC1) Downpipe Clip

(RB3) Shoe

(RHS1) Hopper

(RF1) Universal Rise & Fall Rafter Bracket

(RR1) Top Rafter Bracket

(RR2) Side Rafter Bracket

Cut to Size Acrylic Cut to Size Solid Polycarbonate
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