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AXGARD Glazing Sheets

AXGARD® is produced from one of the most advanced polymers produced today. AXGARD® combines unique strength, superior transparency, and proven durability, whilst remaining lightweight, flexible and fire resistant, making it the perfect security glazing material for any application. AXGARD® is virtually as transparent as glass, more than 200 times stronger, less than half the weight and is classed as virtually unbreakable. It is widely used in vandal-prone areas, high impact applications or where security is at risk.

Common uses:

-Security Glazing
-Machine Guards
-Glazing in Schools, Prisons and Other
-Public Buildings
-Bus Shelters and Smoking Shelters
-Riot and Crowd-Control Shields
-Boat, Train, Bus and Aircraft Window Glazing
-Excavation and Forestry Plant Glazing
-Lighting and Signage
-Acoustic Barriers
-Stadium Roofi ng and Glazing
-Church Windows and Stained Glass Protection
-Barrel Vaults and Covered Walkways


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Cut to Size Acrylic Cut to Size Solid Polycarbonate
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